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We offer Advanced Driver Training for the DIAmond Advanced Driving Test, the DIAmond Special Driving Test and the Cardington Special Test.

We also have experience in preparing drivers for the DVSA practical driving assessment leading to acceptance onto the DVSA Driving Examiner Training course at Cardington, Bedford.  

What the DIAmond Tests consist of:

The DIAmond Advanced Driving Test consists of a 1 hour high progress drive (while keeping within the bounds of safety and the speed limits) covering approx. 30 miles, during which the Examiner will ask the candidate to perform two out of three reversing exercises. These are, Park on the right / Reverse, Car Park / Bay park, Parallel Park.

Candidates are asked to drive under a variety of road and traffic conditions, including urban, rural, motorway and dual carriageway type roads.

A Candidates is expected to drive as experienced motorist, taking every opportunity to make maximum progress and overtake wherever it is safe and legal, while at all times demonstrating absolute control over the vehicle.

Throughout the test the examiner will observe every aspect of the drivers performance, including  levels of intuition, precision, flexibility and concentration, as well as observing how well the rules of the road are applied to each and every situation that is encountered.

To pass this test, the candidate must not commit more than 6 minor driving faults. This is the same as the Approved Driving Instructor Part 2 Exam.

Many Potential Driving Instructors (PDI's) take the DIAmond Advanced Driving test as a 'mock exam' prior to taking the ADI Part 2 Test. 

Candidates may repeat the same fault, however, if he or she repeats the same fault as a 'pattern of error' then as in the basic 'L' test this would  result in a serious fault being recorded, resulting in failure. 

If during the drive one or more serious or dangerous faults are recorded then clearly the driver would fail. 

The DIAmond Special Test follows the same procedure as the DIAmond Advanced Motorist Test but, instead of allowing six minor driving faults, a maximum of two (provided they are not the same fault repeated) are permitted to qualify as a pass at this level. 

This test is of 90 minutes duration and covers approximately 40 miles. At convenient points during the DIAmond Special Test, the Examiner will ask the Candidate to give a commentary for 2 short periods of the drive, usually for around 10 minutes duration on each.

In addition to demanding a very high level of proficiency during this test, the examiner will assess whether or not the Candidate is driving in an Eco-friendly manner, I.e. Not over-revving the engine or causing it to labour excessively thus wasting fuel and adding to the effects of air pollution. The maximum fault recorded for a non-Eco-friendly drive is one minor driving fault, even if it is repeated.

Although this test was introduced originally as the ultimate test of a Driving Instructors ability, it is now available to members of the general public. The DIAmond Special Test is currently the most stringent measure of driving ability available to civilian drivers in the UK.

The Cardington Special Test is currently available only to Approved Driving Instructors and is conducted at the D.V.S.A. Driving Examiner Training establishment at Cardington near Bedford UK.

To pass, Candidates must not commit more than 3 minor driving errors.

For further information on DIAmond Advanced Driving tests, the Cardington Special test or advice on any other course we offer, please telephone 07710 540375 or e-mail Steve Swinton ADI Dip, D.I. via the following link.

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