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Advice on choosing a Driving Instructor

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Parents like to choose the best for their young ones
Many parents study primary and secondary schools in great depth hoping to find the very best place for their child to learn. They go to great lengths to ensure their child gets into the right school. They have been known to move house, change jobs, even to emigrate to ensure their child gets the best education possible.

The fact is not all schools are the same!

The same fact applies to driving schools and driving instructors. Learning to drive is one of life's great skills and comes with serious consequences if pupils pass without the full range of skills and the right attitude to become a 'Safe Drivers for Life'

Castle Hill School of Motoring has been in business for over 37 years and we are very proud of the fact that we have been dedicated maintaining road safety at the highest level for all that time.

Thanks to all our pupils past and present for entrusting us with this very important resonsability and helping us to produce high standards along the way!
Steve Swinton ADI Dip D.I.

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