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Castle Hill School of Motoring offer driving lessons at all levels in the form of a More Intensive Course or a Crash Course as it is sometimes refered.

Most people learn to drive by taking one or two single lessons per week. Although this suits the majority of people, some prefer to learn over a shorter period of time for a variety of reasons.

 This can be done by tailoring a program of lessons over a shorter period by taking more than two hours of training per week.
This condenses the learning process and providing the learner driver is content with the pace of learning, can help to minimise the total number of lessons taken overall.

The benefits of learning this way are: 

1. The course can be completed sooner.

2. There is less time between lessons to forget or 'lose the feel' for the car.

3. It can work out cheaper as progress is usually greater.

4. Discounts are available on multiple lessons. (More than 2 lessons per week)

5. No up-front fees required.

6. The course intensity can be adjusted to suit the individual drivers learning ability.

7. Maximum individual training session duration is 2 hours with usually 4 hours maximum training on any day.

Learning to drive over a shorter period does not suit everyone and you may be assured that honest advice will be given right from your first enquiry through to the end of the course.

The intensity of the course may at any time be adjusted in the best interest of the learner driver concerned.

Our instructors will always give advice which is in the best interests of the individual driver as concentration levels may vary between learners.

All training is conducted 'one to one' in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by fully qualified Driving Standards Agency registered Driving Instructors in modern, well maintained training vehicles.

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